Group Commander.

The Group Commander has a valuable function within the army, the backbone of the Army. The Group Commander is responsible for his group. In addition to the standard Military equipment, he also needs other Tactical equipment.

Think of COVO material and Radios, these items require extra space and different kind of pouches. Here at Gear Provider we have all kinds of pouches, from Utility pouches, Ammo pouches, Dump pouches, Medic pouches and Admin pouches for the Group Commander.

The brands we have vary a lot, many well-known brands such as: Viper Tactical, Warrior Assault System, Leatherman, Mechanix Wear, Tasmanian Tiger, 5.11 Tactical, Kombat, Web-tex, Invader Gear, Karrimor-SF, Highlander, Fostex Garment, Cytac, Flyye Industry, 101 inc. , Defcon 5.

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