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Together we started this company specifically for the passion for tactical gear. To us this can be all the way from combat-equipment to your day to day camping and outdoor gear. Al of us started in the military as infantry, so we were able to outwear quite some clothing and equipment through the years. Outwearing will always happen, but some gear sooner than the other. Most gear which is government issued is all mass-production. The quality for that reason will always be moderate and sometimes even decent, but let’s be honest, whatever the government issues or may will issue in a far future, your own picked gear will always be better.

Are you looking for a complete plate-carrier or are you just looking for a pair of gloves that will last longer than a week training? Let’s not even start about some descent knee-pads that will actually stay in place. Whatever it may be at Gear Provider we will always help you find what you need.. Our web-shop expands each and every day and with your help it’ll continue to grow. If there is something you can’t find, please do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll see what is available on the market for you. Reliability of our products is a massive priority to us and to you as well of course. To describe this as accurate as possible we won’t say much, instead we’ll turn to you.

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This will minimize the chance for you regretting your purchase and so that we know what the value is of our current stock. Of-course anybody is welcome to purchase products and leave reviews on our website.

We sincerely hope that you’ll be satisfied with your purchase and if not we would like to hear that as well.

This is why we are Gear Provider:
“By soldiers for soldiers’’

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